Blowing the dust off

I haven’t posted in a long time but hope to be more active here. My language endeavours haven’t ceased by any means.  I am focussing on Scottish Gaelic this year and have also been learning some Quechua and Norwegian.

My languages as of 2017 are:

Fluent: English (native) and Spanish

Intermediate (B1-B2): German, French, Portuguese, Esperanto

Beginner (A1-A2): Norwegian, Scottish Gaelic, NZSL, Maori, Japanese, Quechua

My goals for 2017 are the following:

Scottish Gaelic A1>A2+
Goal: Pushing B1. I want to be able to read the learner’s novels I bought, have short conversations and understand something of podcasts/radio/BBC Alba.
To do:
1. Finish the Gaelic distance course I’m taking – if I do part 3 it will take me right through to the end of the year. Currrently studying part 2 (An Cùrsa Inntrigidh)
2. Read at least 1 learner’s novel, prefereably 2 (they are only 90 or so pages long..) and 1 comic. (So far I’ve read one novel and one comic)
3. Keep consuming media in Gaelic. At the moment I’m going through old episodes of the soap “Machair” which has been highly entertaining.
4. Practise my conversational skills – I have an iTalki tutor and I’ve been practising when time permits

German B2>C1
Goal: Improve my German so I can express myself more naturally and fluently
To do:
1. Go through German C1 book for structured learning – currently on Chapter 1/12
2. Versuchen zu schreiben, lesen, üben 😛 (try to practise!)

Quechua A0>A2
Goal: Use Quechua on my trip to Peru!! Would love to be able to have conversations with people.
To do:
1. Finish textbook Currently on Unit 2/4
2. Keep chatting / talking to people online
3. Read The Little Prince and watch a dramatisation of the play Ollantay

Norwegian A1>A2+
Goal: Be able to read books and understand media
To do:
1. Finish Duolingo Norwegian course. Done!
2. Read Naiv Super by Erlend Loe among other books


The rest I am maintaining where they are for the moment. I always have too many languages on the go which is why most of my intermediate languages are at B1 rather than B2 where I’d like them to be. But after I’ve improved my German I would like to one by one bump French and Portuguese up to B2, that may be a goal for next year! Gaelic is my focus this year since I am paying for the course 🙂

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